We offer a full garden design service, from helpful advice for a 'problem' corner, to the complete transformation of your outdoor space into your dream garden.

Garden Design

The nucleus of your Garden Design is a detailed Garden Layout Plan.  This is a scale plan of your complete garden showing the hard and soft landscaping, giving details of the materials to be used and the type of planting in different areas.  The plan is rendered to help convey how your new garden will look.

We will consider many factors to ensure that the design is not only beautiful but also practical.  All designs are completely individual and  tailored specifically to your requirements.  The design will reflect your preferences for style, planting, colour etc as well as embracing practical considerations such as the desired use of the space, privacy, aspect, soil type, maintenance and budget.

Planting Plans

A planting plan can be produced for a whole garden or a single problem area.  The planting plan specifies the exact plants to be used and their precise locations within the space.  With it you will receive a plant specification which details the exact quantities and sizes of all plants used within the planting plan.   

All planting plans are individually designed to ensure that the plants used reflect your desired style of planting, are appropriate for the conditions of the site and will work well together.  By creative use of the different forms, colours and textures of plants beautiful associations between the different plants can be created to bring an additional dimension to the planting.

Planting & Plant Advice

We are able to supply the plants for the planting schemes that we have designed.  In doing this we can ensure the quality of the plants used within the design.  As an additional service if the plants have been supplied by us, we are able to set out and plant them into prepared beds.  This will ensure that they will be planted with care, the design is correctly interpreted and that spacings are optimal.   If you need any advice on the care of the plants used within the scheme we are more than happy to help.

Project Management

We can offer a Project Management Service to ensure that the design is constructed correctly.   Our job is to remove all the hassle of having your new garden built.  We act as your advocate, holding contractors to account and ensuring that your designs are implemented as intended.

As project managers we can run the following:-

Tender Process

Depending on the size and complexity of the scheme a formal tender process may be appropriate.  If this is required we can prepare a tender package including a schedule of works and any additional drawings that are required and fully manage the tender process.  As part of this service we can recommend a number of contractors, who we know personally, who could be invited to  tender for the works.

Contract Management

During the construction phase we can undertake contract management.  This would typically include a pre-contract meeting with the chosen contractor and yourself on site before work commences, as well as several site visits at key stages during the construction stage, such as setting out.  This would help to ensure that the build was kept on schedule and any problems that arose could be quickly overcome.

Site Surveys

In order to ensure that the design works within your space it is necessary to have an accurate plan of your garden.  This is created by carrying out a site survey in which a detailed mapping of your garden is undertaken including any changes in levels.   This is then drawn up into a detailed scale plan of the site.  The survey would be conducted on a pre-arranged date convenient to you.  You would not normally need to be present provided access to the site was available.

During this site survey we will also carry out a site inventory to assess the aspect of the site, the soil condition and any particular problems and potential that the garden has.  As a pre-cursor to the design phase the information collected during the site inventory will be analysed to ensure that the subsequent design process considers the practical constraints and potential of your site.

Garden Consultation

If you do not want a full garden design service, but need some inspiration or advice in your garden, we can provide a consultancy service.  We can visit your garden and can look together at any aspect that you wish to discuss, be it design ideas, solutions for a problem corner or plant advice for a specific area.  This is charged at £95 for up to two hours.  This can be followed up with planting plans or construction details etc. as required.


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