Long Narrow Garden Design

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This long narrow garden was dominated by a large summerhouse and central concrete path.  The owners wanted a garden design to create different zones within the garden - each with their own distinctive feel.  These ‘zones’ were to include a raised pond, a contemporary entertaining space, a wildlife pond and a relaxing area with a softer more cottagey feel.

The challenge was to provide distinct areas within the garden while giving a coherent feel to the space.  This was done by limiting the colour palette of materials but using different textures, sizes and laying patterns of paving to give a different feel. 

The garden design teamed sawn polished linear paving with rendered walls, built-in seating and smooth cube planters to give a contemporary feel.  Elsewhere riven paving and tumbled setts in the same buff colour provided texture and a warmer feel to the relaxing area, combined with mellow terracotta planters filled with French lavender and box.

Raised planters help to delineate the different spaces whilst preserving the long views down the garden.  The built in-seating provides views into the wildlife pond opposite which has been designed with a beach area to enable access for newts.


Garden Designer, Ascot Berkshire