Garden Design Process

The design process typically involves a number of stages culminating in the presentation of a complete Garden Layout Plan.  These stages are outlined below. 

Stage 1: Initial Consultation - At our first meeting we can take a stroll round your garden and discuss your visions for your garden and how you would like to use it.  If you do not have any clear ideas of how you want the garden to look don’t worry – just by talking to you and asking appropriate questions we can get a feel for the type or garden that would meet your needs.  This will form the basis of the brief to which we would work when designing the garden.

Stage 2: Fee Proposal – After the initial consultation we will send you a written fee proposal giving details of charges for designing your garden based on your requirements. 

Stage 3: Site Survey - The next stage is to arrange a survey of your garden to allow a detailed scale plan to be drawn.  This will usually be carried out by us but if the site is particularly large or complex then an external survey might be required.

Stage 4: Design Stage – Using the detailed brief and the information from the site survey and inventory we will conduct a site analysis to ensure that the final design will be practical as well as beautiful and that it will really work in your space.  We will then design the garden ensuring that your design is based on your needs whilst respecting the fundamental design principles which include unity, harmony and proportion.

Stage 5: Presentation of Garden Layout Plan -  This is where we will present the design to you and talk you through the plan to help you visualise your new garden.  Where appropriate other visuals may be used to help to convey the plan to you.  At this stage we also provide a cost estimate for completion of your project. 

After you have received the Garden Layout Plan we can provide additional services including provision of planting plans, project managing the construction of your garden and supplying and planting the plants to turn the design into reality.


Garden Designer, Ascot Berkshire